Headache Relief in Philadelphia 

Did you know that 9 out of 10 Americans suffer from headaches? In fact, 15% of U.S. adults complain about severe migraines or headaches on a regular basis! What’s worse, most medications that people take for their headaches can have serious negative side effects. Over the counter pain medicines can cause problems like stomach ulcers, stomach bleeding, kidney and liver damage or even death.

Causes of Headaches

There are many things that can cause headaches. Some people suffer from headaches because of anxiety, others get headaches because of allergies or environmental factors. Many more suffer because of ergonomic trouble, old injuries or poor posture.

Many people have a hard time finding the cause of their headaches, which can make this problem difficult to treat. A visit to a chiropractor can help. Patients who are professionally diagnosed can get the treatment they need to feel relief.

Chiropractic Care Offers Safe Headache Relief

Chiropractic care offers a safe, natural way to remedy the pain. Chiropractors use spinal adjustment to relieve muscle strain that causes headaches. During the spinal adjustment process, the chiropractor realigns the vertebrae to eliminate subluxations. This process improves blood flow to help the body heal. Spinal adjustment also improves communication between the brain and the rest of the body, so all of the systems of the body can function properly. In addition to spinal adjustment, chiropractors use the following techniques to help patients suffering from headaches:

  • Massage. Chiropractic massage relieves anxiety and muscle tension in patients.
  • Lifestyle changes. Chiropractors show patients how to make lifestyle changes that can prevent headaches from occurring.
  • Posture correction. Posture correction reduces pressure on the neck and spine and prevents headaches.

All of this is done without help from medications or invasive procedures.

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Do You Need Headache Relief in Philadelphia?

If you’re suffering from headaches in Philadelphia PA, contact Rittenhouse Square Chiropractic today. We help patients manage their pain and improve their quality of life.