Knee Pain

Knee Pain Sufferers Can Finally Find Fast Relief With A New Non-Invasive, Non-Surgical Knee Pain Treatment.

End Knee Pain without Dangerous Drugs or Surgery. Breakthrough Treatment has an Astounding Success Rate. There is a new FDA cleared, safe, gentle, and effective therapy for people who suffer from knee pain due to Osteoarthritis, Bone Spurs, Trauma Related Knee Pain, Degenerative Arthritis, and other conditions that lead to Chronic Knee Pain including.

Symptoms of Knee Pain

Knee pain can be quite debilitating, as it is one of the most used and complex joints of the human body. The stability of the knee is due to four ligaments, muscles and the actual joint structure. During the course of a normal day, the knee goes through a whole range of motions, from sitting, walking, twisting etc.

The knee also supports out weight in conjunction to the feet. Because of the abuse we put our knees through there can be damage to the muscle, cartilage or the joint itself. Some of the pain can be alleviated with the use of anti-inflammatory ointments or tablets, more severe cases need medical attention for a more effective treatment while some patients have even had their knee or knees replaced.

These can vary from person to person and can range from nagging to acute pain, or discomfort while doing normal daily chores.

  • Inflammation of the joint
  • Tenderness around the area
  • Instability [knee gives way for no reason]
  • Locking
  • A feeling of grinding
  • Popping
  • Stiffness
  • Injury to the knee
  • Can manifest it-self with body aches and back pain

We provide a Safe and Effective, New Choice for Knee Pain Sufferers.

Our clinic offers a NEW, Non-Invasive and Non-Surgical therapy protocol that combines the best of cutting edge medical treatments to not only help resolve your chronic knee pain, but also rehabilitate and stabilize the knee as well. And to make sure that you have the confidence that you need, we’ve designed an extensive diagnostic evaluation protocol to help us find out if you’re a candidate for this care.

This extensive evaluation will give you ALL the information that you need to know before starting treatment so you can be assured if you will have success with your chronic knee pain.




Advanced Shockwave Technology

Not all shockwaves are created equal. In fact most “shockwave” units are not a true shockwave at all and can only treat tissues about 1/2 inch into the body which means they really can’t do much for knee joint pain.

Our technology is the Secret Weapon of many pro sports teams. In fact we have had other pro sports teams doctors and trainers call us when the were playing one of the Philadelphia teams because a component of their exact same machine as ours didn’t make it on the team plane.

Our advanced and True Shockwave technology can get deep into the knee joint and addresses knee pain 3 ways by: 1) modulating inflammation at the local cellular level through the immune system 2) increasing blood vessel growth by up 300% in the area treated 3) most importantly signalling and activating your own stem cells to migrate to the treated joints.



Electromagnetic Infrared Therapy

Peer reviewed studies show that BluePrint’s patient-wearable infrared home device has a 90 percent knee pain reduction to improve lower body function. Infrared decreases acute and chronic pain by stimulating a cascade of many natural biological processes. It increases metabolism of the injured tissue and production of ATP. Cell membranes are repolarized to increase circulation thus reducing inflammation and edema. Infrared also prevents the release of biochemicals that stimulate pain receptors to directly relieve pain.



Advanced Knee Decompression

We use a revolutionary product that provides knee decompression. The knee traction system offers benefits for those suffering with chronic knee pain due to osteoarthritis, previous injury, failed surgery and more. Studies show that mechanical traction is more effective at decreasing pain and improving quality of life than ultrasound and exercise combined. With chronic knee pain affecting the steps you take on a daily basis, improving quality of life is of utmost importance.



Advanced Nutrition Therapy

Proper nutrition in support of our other VITAL COMPONENTS is vital for optimal tissue and joint repair. Our Advanced Nutritional Therapies have been to designed to accelerate the healing process by affecting the complex processes of inflammation, blood flow, and bioavailable nitric oxide.



Nerve Re-Education Stimulation

We use state of the art digital electro therapeutic stimulation to assist in the healing of the chronically stimulated pain nerves in the knee called Nerve Re-Education. The same technology is even used by the Cancer Centers of America in order to help those going through Chemotherapy to rebuild the nerves. Nerve Re-Education can even be done at home, so therapy can be done daily! The results can be immediate in both pain relief and restoration of normal sensation.

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