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Back Pain – Patient TestimonialsPatient Testimonials - Dr. Nutche making an adjustment on a patient.

For over a year and a half increasing back pain aggravated me, and I was receiving little relief from medications. The Medications would only help temporarily and they were only addressing my symptoms, not the underlying cause of my back pain. I was not limited in what I could do; I just did everything in pain. I was sure I would be plagued with this for the rest of my life. I then received a phone call about a chiropractor located in my area and was invited to their services. I was at the end of my resources and decided that this was my last hope. X-rays revealed that I had an abnormal curve in my neck, one hip was higher than the other, and my back was trying to compensate for these abnormalities. After only five visits, I realized that the back pain was dissipating. I had forgotten what life was like with out back pain. I also suffered for years with miserable allergies and sinus infections. Those too were no longer a problem. Chiropractic care is not temporarily alleviating my symptoms; it is addressing my musculoskeletal problems resulting in my overall health. I am grateful for those at Dr. Nutche’s office. They have truly assisted in correctly improving and maintaining my health.
Forever grateful,

Migraines – Patient Testimonials

My mom brought me to meet Dr. Nutche because I had awful migraines everyday. I now have been getting adjusted for 2 months and I have had 2 migraines. My neuro doctor had me on all kinds of medicine and nothing helped, but now I feel so much better.

I also have eight heart defects and a pacemaker. Everyone that works with Dr. Nutche has taken care of me and made it safe for me to come here. Since I started getting adjusted my oxygen sat. has gone up 2 points.

Back Pain – Patient Testimonials

The following patient testimonial is from Marilyn I returned from a 4 hour plane ride and found that I could hardly walk. Knowing full well that I would not take medication for an aching back, I asked a friend what she does to rid herself of back pain. She informed me that she went to Dr. Snyman. I laughed and thought no kidding! She swears by him after seeing him for so many years. Desperate, I finally went to see Dr. Snyman. When I finished my back story he replied honestly. “ Something makes me feel that you don’t believe in chiropractic!” Not wanting to admit his accuracy, I laughed and informed him that maybe he was right. I also told him I believed what he did was “voodoo”. He just smiled and proposed a treatment plan. I had to come for my initial 12 visits, upon which, I would then schedule each month for maintenance visits. I agreed! After the 10th treatment I was better than ever and truly excited. I even returned for my remaining 2 visits because Dr. Snyman had suggested to follow through with all visits. Since then, I have never had a bit of trouble that a quick maintenance visit can’t take care of. I must say I am religious about the maintenance. Anyone who can give me such comfort gets my attention. Thank you to Dr. Snyman and your caring and beautiful staff! It is always a pleasure to come to your office. I highly respect what you do and how you do it; always, with a gentle touch.

Headaches and Neck Pain – Patient Testimonials


We have been very fortunate to have such great patient’s. We can’t tell you how much these patient testimonials mean to US. It is nice to know he are making a few changes in someone’s life.

Ballroom dancing, getting all dressed up in ball gowns and glitter and gardening; digging in the dirt, working up a good sweat with immediate gratification. Things I love doing the most in life. Both activities are strenuous, requiring upper body strength, capable of carrying your frame and doing it gracefully when dancing. Unwillingly, I have become a wallflower and a couch potato. Several years ago after a strenuous evening of dancing or a wonderful day of digging in the garden, I started waking up the following day suffering with headaches, neck pain and a chronic sinus problem and would be confined to a dark room, applying ice packs that didn’t really help. After several consultations with traditional medical doctors and taking various prescribed medications, and some self-prescribed over- the -counter combinations, I was ready to throw in the towel and become a hermit. Initially, the medication worked but as the condition worsened I was losing at least one day a weekend and had started losing days on the job due to the debilitating headaches. I was convinced there was no hope for me and perhaps was really suffering from an undiagnosed rare illness.

Not willing to give up my favorite past-times, I would plot my weeks and weekends like a Field Marshall going to war. I would determine which activities I could participate in and which day of the weekend I could without and spend the day nursing my headache, avoiding phone calls, and friends, not a good way to live your life and hopefully not loose your job to frequent loss of time.

Not wanting my co-workers to think I was somewhat paranoid, I didn’t like to talk about this condition openly. And then, suddenly I was engrossed in a conversation with a co-worker about a lower-back problem she was dealing with and after trying traditional medical treatment and getting no results, not one , but several of her friends had recommended that she try Dr. Snyman, a Chiropractic doctor. After her second visit she was feeling 100% better and singing the praises of Dr. Snyman and his Chiropractic group. Being a skeptic, I congratulated her and though to myself, “right, let’s see how she feels in a couple of weeks”. Well, I’m happy to say that she is still feeling wonderful and pain free. I was sold, I convinced myself to call and make an appointment. I figured, “what can I loose/” I was desperate.

After the initial visit, being assured that he could help me and most likely relieve the pain, I made the commitment to follow through with his treatment and include the recommended vitamins and supplements to my diet. Of course, I was convinced this was just another dead end for me, but I was desperate. The x-ray films were read, the treatment process explained and the treatment plan put into action, I was still doubtful. The first “crunch” of my neck was very frightening for me; it just sounded awful and doubted if I could get up from the table. After several more adjustments were made, Dr. Snyman stated that I was finished with my first treatment and he would see me again. I said to myself, “is he kidding, no pain, no discomfort, only an ugly noise, and I’m finished!” I proceeded to return to the office that day and really expected to go home and assume position in bed, with an ice pack. Well, I am really pleased to report that not only did I NOT go home and climb into bed with my trusty ice-pack, I was actually relieved of the chronic shoulder pain I experienced on a daily basis. I am no longer living with anti-inflammatory medication and the best news is that I have gone out for an evening of dancing, and have experienced no pain, no recurring headaches. I have even done extensive gardening, and moved furniture. All of these activities would have confined me to a bed for at least a full 8 to 10 hours. I feel like a new person, thanks to Dr. Snyman and his practice. All if the staff members are very supportive and helpful. I cannot sing their praises loud enough.

My co-workers and family have all commented on the change in my energy level. This change is all due to a simple conversation with a co-worker who lead me to Dr. Snyman’s door and onto the road of recovery. I am no longer a skeptic of Chiropractic medicine and feel that it has a place in everyone’s life. Of course, I have convinced everyone who will listen the Dr. Snyman definitely has a true gift of healing and hands of gold!!!! I love his positive approach, and even though he speaks faster that a speeding bullet, he has unlimited patience in explaining everything in detail.

Herniated Disc – Patient Testimonials


Our April V.I.P. of the month is Nicole

When Nicole first came to us in September, she was in a great deal of pain. She was referred by her orthopedist. Nicole was born overseas. Her father was Greek and her mother was American. She was educated in France and Switzerland and worked in Europe before coming to the United States. She became an American citizen in 1989.  Patient testimonials like this one are important to us.

“I sought chiropractic care because I had three herniated discs in my neck. After going through 10 months of anti inflammatory and pain medications along with Zantac, physical therapy and cortisone injections, I was getting very frustrated. I was unable to sit for any length of time and I could not stand straight. A friend of mine went to a chiropractor and got relief from pain. I decided I would give chiropractic a try.

It took a long time, and in the beginning I was still in pain, but I persevered because I had no choice. I also believed in Dr. Snyman. I had a few setbacks, but I began seeing results after a few months. I worked very hard to follow all of Dr. Snyman’s recommendations and I was very faithful with my visits.

After about six months, I became a maintenance patient. I now see Dr. Snyman whenever I begin to feel discomfort and I feel like a whole person again. Dr. Snyman is a miracle worker!

Everyone in the office is very friendly and there are real one on one relationships.”