How is a Prenatal Massage Performed?


In the case of a prenatal massage, the extra size and weight of pregnancy causes stretching of the body that can, in turn, cause muscles to overcompensate, thereby straining back, neck, hip, shoulder and abdominal muscles. Prenatal massage therapy provides relaxation and temporary relief to those muscles, as well as improving blood flow, reducing overall stress and prompting the type of relaxation that eases tension headaches or promotes better sleep.

During prenatal massage, your therapist will have you lay on your side and cushion and support your body with soft pillows and rollers. Depending on your trimester, different positioning is suggested to find the one that makes you the most comfortable. Strategic locating is done through initial palpation, rubbing, and then kneading. Your trained therapist knows how to perform massage for pregnancy so you can rest assured.

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